About Our Classes

Here at EK Dance Academy, we offer dance classes in a wide range of styles. So whether you like the elegant positions of Ballet or the funky style of Hip Hop, we have a class for you! Check out the classes we offer below:


Classical ballet is precise, highly formalized and draws on specific technique that gives you a full understanding of your body. The classes focusses on strength, flexibility and core stability. Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. Exams are offered under the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus for all age groups.


Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that includes technique such as turns, kicks, leaps and is a fantastic way of achieving strength and flexibility. Jazz exams are offered under the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Syllabus for all students interested.


Tap is a skilful style of dance aiming to create complex rhythms with the feet. A great way to enhance fitness, stamina and fine motor skills. Exams are offered under the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus for tap students.

Contemporary / Lyrical

A creative dance form which combines strong technique with a sense of release and moments of stillness and softness. Floor work is a major component of the Contemporary / Lyrical genre. Choreography usually is created around an intent and can often be a collaborative process.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance explores a wide range of street dance styles including pop, lock, breaking, tutting and more. Hip Hop is a free, low, funky and expressive type of movement often danced to popular music that has a solid and unique beat.

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