Dance Class Timetables

Class Timetables for 2020


You will find a timetable below for each day classes are held, showing the time, class name, age group, and studio number.

Please read the timetable carefully as there have been many changes for 2020, and download the 2020 Information Pack for full details on classes and enrolments.

Note: On mobile, use the search function to find a class then click the + next to the day to view details. Hold your device in landscape mode to display more columns.

Enrolments are now open for 2020!

Term Dates 2020

  • Term 1: 10 weeks Saturday 1st February to Thursday 9th April
  • Term 2: 10 weeks Tuesday 28th April to Thursday 2nd July
  • Term 3: 10 weeks Saturday 18th July to Thursday 24th September
  • Term 4: 8 weeks Saturday 10th October to Saturday 28th November

* Classes not held on public holidays

2020 Timetable: SATURDAY

2020 Timetable: MONDAY

Time Studio 1 Time Studio 2 Time Studio 3
4.00-4.45pm RAD Ballet – Grade 2 (class 2)
Age: 8-10 (school year 3+4, new students school year 5+6)
4.00-5.00pm Jazz
Age: 10-12 year-old
4.00-5.00pm Junior Boys Hip Hop
Age: 5-9 year-old
4.45-6.00pm RAD Ballet – Grade 3 (class 1)
Age: 10-12 year-old
5.00-6.00pm Tap
Age: 10-12 year-old
5.00-6.00pm Intermediate Boys Hip Hop
Age: 10-14 year-old
6.00-7.00pm RAD Ballet – Grade 4 (class 1)
Age: 11/12+
6.00-7.00pm Senior Tap
Age: 16+
6.00-7.00pm Intermediate Girls Hip Hop
Age: 9-11 year-old
7.00-8.00pm Silver Swans Adult Ballet - RAD
Age: mixed age
7.00-8.00pm Senior Jazz
Age: 16+
7.00-8.00pm Recreational Dance Fitness / Adult Beginner Jazz / Hip Hop Development
Age: Mixed Age
8.00-9.00pm Senior Ballet / Advanced Foundation (class 1)
Age: 19+
8.00-9.00pm Adult Tap
Age: mixed age/ability

2020 Timetable: TUESDAY

2020 Timetable: WEDNESDAY

2020 Timetable: THURSDAY

Public Holidays 2020

Please note: Classes will not be held on the following public holidays

  • Monday 2nd March – Labour Day
  • Saturday 25th April – Anzac Day
  • Monday 27th April – Anzac Day Holiday
  • Monday 1st June –  WA Day

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