Tips for Students

Some Useful Tips

  • Where possible arrive at class at least 10 minutes early to warm-up, stretch or practice choreography. Be mindful of other classes which may be taking place at the time and please keep voices down.
  • Bring a water bottle to every class.
  • Don’t be shy… Always ask your teacher for clarification if you are unsure of anything. They are always happy to help.
  • Mobile phones in class should not be seen or heard! Give yourself the time to immerse yourself in dance and switch off from the outside world.
  • No jewellery – we don’t want anything to break or anyone to get injured.
  • No fringe in face – wiping hair from face will be a distraction and can be a bad habit.


Choreography taught in classes is the property of EK Dance Academy and is not to be used outside for teaching or performance purposes without permission. Should you wish to use any choreography, please check with Erin first.

Injuries or Illness

Please advise your teacher before class if you have a physical condition that will prevent you from participating fully in class.


  • Please ensure that you aim to be on time for all classes
  • Should you be absent from a class, where possible please advise the teacher prior to the day, and following the class try to arrange with another student to help you catch up on what you have missed.

Please note: In the event that the dancer misses a class due to illness or injury, or is absent  for any other reason, no make-up class, refund or credit will be given.

Personal Development

To enhance your own development at EK Dance Academy the following is suggested:

  • Arrive early to class to go through the previous week’s choreography with other dancers, warm-up and stretch.
  • Stretch at home every day for 10 minutes to increase flexibility. You can do this whilst on the phone, watching TV, studying, etc.
  • Practice your routines and progressions at home. It is recommended that you practice within 1 day of learning the material so that you don’t forget it. Ask your teacher for the song title and artist so you can download it, or bring a CD to class for the teacher to copy it for you.
  • Join the ballet class. Ballet is the basis for virtually all dance and you will notice a huge improvement in your technique if you learn ballet.
  • Go to musical and dance performances, watch dance related movies and TV shows – you can learn so much from watching others.
  • Listen to the feedback your teacher gives with a positive attitude, and ask questions in class for clarification if you don’t understand something. We want you to become the best dancer you can be!!

Dance Shops in the Vicinity

Studio Scene

352 Marmion St, Melville
Ph: 9330 7670

Glitter Lane

Shop 1/352 South St, O’Connor
Ph: 9314 6900


Unit 4/20 Roxby Lane, Willetton
Ph: 0417 933 315