Competitions & Examinations

Dance Competitions

In 2022 EK Dance Academy will again, subject to any government restrictions
due to Covd-19, be entering students into Onstage Performing Arts Dancing
Competitions (in April only) should there be enough interest. These competitions
give students a chance to perform in front of an audience at various times
throughout the year and also help your children improve as they compete against
many other performers in their age group.

Competitions are run in the April, July and September school holidays over both
weeks. We plan to take part in the April competitions, and depending on the level
of interest, decide on the others. Participation in competitions is not compulsory.
All students have an opportunity to enter, however, please note that rehearsals for
the April competition will be held on various days during Term 1 (dates and times
will be confirmed early in 2022). Students who wish to take part in competitions
must be available at the times specified. No other classes will be scheduled for
competition practice, if dates and times do not suit.

Students are only permitted to perform a competition in a style of dance that
they have experience in. Please let me know if you would like to be involved in competitions and in what styles of dance, by Wednesday 15th December 2021. This will give me a chance to sort out rehearsal schedules and music and plan for developing the choreography for each dance. Competitions can be danced as solos, duos, trios and troupes and cater for many dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Neo-Classical, Slow Modern and Song and Dance.

Dance Examinations

EK Dance Academy will be participating in the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Exams and the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams in 2022. All exam participants need to be invited by me to take part. Participation in examinations is based on the ability of the dancer. If you wish your child to be considered for an exam, please indicate your interest on the enrolment form and I will provide more information as the year progresses.

Please Note: Students aged 8yrs and upwards will not be permitted to do a Jazz and Tap exam unless they participate in a ballet class, as this is the foundation for all dancing styles.

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