Below are the details for the competition rehearsals which will take place at All Saints’ College on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st January 2016.

The students will be given a CD of their music at the rehearsal, which is the master for the actual competition. I suggest that you copy the CD so your daughter has a practice CD and keep the master in a safe place so it doesn’t get scratched.

The competition students will be given the opportunity to practice their routines during normal class time each week, however, it is their responsibility to ask the teacher at the start of class and provide the music.

Further information on competition dates and times will be supplied in Term 1 2016 when I receive it.

The rehearsal timetable is as follows:

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st January 2016 (The timetable is the same for both days)

10.30am – 12.30pm

  • Kyra Doubell: Ballet Solo (Melony)
  • Ciara Thornett: Ballet Solo (Melony)
  • Sienna Woods: Jazz Solo (Erin)
  • Brooke Horner: Hip Hop Solo (Erin)
  • Victoria Chalk: Slow Modern Solo (Sharee)
  • Natasha Savery: Slow Modern Solo (Sharee)
  • Ciara Lowney and Lupita Allen: Hip Hop Duo (Stacey)
  • Caitlin Fairless: Slow Modern Solo (Stacey)
  • Jordan Robshaw: Slow Modern Solo (Jess)
  • Olivia De Felice: Slow Modern Solo (Jess)

12.30pm – 2.30pm

  • Hip Hop Troupe (Stacey) Courtney, Steph, Tara, Aimee, Isobel, Olivia F, Sasha, Eleanor, Ella B, Lily M, Ava A, Brooke.
  • Kyra Doubell and Ciara Thornett: Slow Modern Duo (Sharee)
  • Megan Etelaaho: Slow Modern Solo (Jess)
  • Natasha Savery: Tap Solo (Jess)

The costings for the rehearsals are as follows:

  • Solo: $100 per 2 hour class per day = total $200
  • Duo: $100 per 2 hour class per day = total $200 ($100 per student)
  • Troupe: $180 per 2 hour class per day = total $360 ($15 per student per day)

Please send your child in the appropriate dance attire, with cash payment in a named envelope, and ensure you are punctual. It would be very beneficial if your child could also bring an iPad, iPod or camera to video the routine on both days as they are quite intense classes.